How to Make a Map for Wedding Invitations

How do you get to the church? The reception? The dance? Not all guests will be familiar with the location of your events so be sure to include map sheets with your wedding invitation.

Designing the Map

Determine the style
  • A verbal map
  • A visual map
Use a map directory or hand draw map to scan. You can add written directions to accompany the visual if needed.

Producing the Map

1. Determine the size.

I recommend 5.5" x 4.25". Occasionally, there may be a need for a larger size. If so, make it no larger than 5"x 7" (or folded to that size) so if fits neatly with the wedding ensemble.

2. Typeset your copy.

Use your word processing software to type your copy. There are many styles for writing your map directions such as:

Heading North on 35W: Follow 35W North to the downtown exits. Take the 5th Ave. exit. Go straight. The inn is on the left.

Heading South on 35W: Follow 35W South to Washington Ave. Exit on Washington and turn right. Take that to Hennepin and turn right. Cross over the suspension bridge and take an immediate right on Wilder. The inn is on the left.


1. Follow 35W North to the downtown exits.
2. Take the 5th Ave. exit and go straight.
3. The inn is on the left.

Helpful tips:
  • Before printing all copies, test on cheap paper.

  • To save paper, set your maps 4-up to fit on 11"x 8.5" paper. Each map will be 5.5" x 4.25".

  • Use a light weight paper that coordinates with your invitation.

  • If you have a lot of information, print on the back. This is a great place to add information regarding guest hotel reservations.

  • If your invitation uses a script font or a decorative font, DON'T use this for your map information. The readability will be poor. Perhaps use it in the header of the map (example: The Wedding of John and Mary Anderson). For the rest of the map, use a easy-to-read font.
  • Double check spelling, dates, and addresses prior to printing.

  • After printing your maps for wedding invitation, bring to a copy center for trimming.